Seraphim R. Pardee The Musings of an Orthodox Christian and Software Engineer



I’m Seraphim R. Pardee, born Elliott, Seraphim Dòmhnullach in Gaelic-speaking contexts. I’m 25 and live in Fenton, Michigan with my wife, Anna. I’m a software engineer for iA, a pharmacy automation company.


You might find more on Keyoxide.

* I no longer push code to GitHub due to licensing concerns with the Copilot AI. See sourcehut for a more active profile.
** I mainly use GitLab for BibleBot-related things.

These are my projects outside of employment, with various levels of importance.

My primary project is BibleBot (GitLab), a Discord bot for referencing the Bible and other Christian resources. It serves over 45,000 servers with a combined audience of over 3.6 million users. I’ve founded a non-profit around the project, Kerygma Digital, that seeks to provide this and similar open-source services.

Side projects

  • canon_law (sourcehut), a web service for referencing Orthodox canon law. It is not yet finished but most that is lacking is the rest of the content.
  • goarch_api (sourcehut), a Python interface for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America’s public-facing (but not publicly documented) Chapel API.
  • thelounge-theme-nord (sourcehut, npm), a theme for The Lounge in the Nord colorscheme
  • thelounge-theme-seraphimrp (sourcehut, npm), the aforementioned but with some personal tweaks

Old/defunct projects

  • typeprint (sourcehut), a program that prints text files char-by-char – made to imitate Fallout 3 terminals and had its 15 minutes of fame by this reddit post of mine
  • blog (sourcehut), an ancestor to this blog
  • OrthoBot (sourcehut), meant to be an Orthodox counterpart to BibleBot but I didn’t have the time to really flesh it out – based on goarch_api
  • irc-osric (sourcehut), an IRC bot developed in Golang to facilitate OSRIC games – fully compliant with OSRIC v1
  • osric-cgi (sourcehut), a minor fork of kirbyUK’s osric-cgi to work with irc-osric

Other things I d{o,id}

  • You can find my dotfiles here.
  • I do many things on Discord beyond BibleBot.
    • I run Hesychia (Discord, Substack), a Discord community for Orthodox Christians that serves around ~600, intended to be a level-headed alternative to many turbulent forums. This has granted me opportunities to collaborate with Rdr. Benjamin Cabe of Theoria (YouTube, Substack) and Rdr. Bojan Teodosijević of Bible Illustrated (YouTube).
    • Under the Kerygma Digital umbrella, I run the Christian Servers Directory (Discord) which intends to be a simple place to share/advertise Christian communities as long as certain quality expectations are met – with loose collaboration between each other as well.
    • You can often find me being a thorn-in-side on the /r/Catholicism Discord server.
    • I co-founded Christcord, originally “The Christianity Discord Server.”
  • I occasionally produce music (mainly instrumental hip hop).
  • I spend time editing OrthodoxWiki (profile) and Orthodox-related articles on Wikipedia (profile).
  • I used to consult at AD30, Inc. for Catena, a Bible application featuring Patristics commentaries and lectionary readings. I incorporated the Greek Orthodox lectionary into the app, daily readings notifications, and daily quotes from saints.
Seraphim R. Pardee The Musings of an Orthodox Christian and Software Engineer