Seraphim R. Pardee The Musings of an Orthodox Christian and Software Engineer



I’m Seraphim R. Pardee, born Elliott. I’m 24 and live in Fenton, Michigan with my wife Anna (Raghnaid). I’m a software engineer for iA, a pharmacy automation company.


You might find more on Keyoxide.

* I no longer push code to GitHub due to licensing concerns with the Copilot AI. See sourcehut for a more active profile.
** I mainly use GitLab for BibleBot-related things.

Friends (incomplete, no set order)

These are my projects outside of employment, with various levels of importance.

My primary project is BibleBot (GitLab), a Discord bot for referencing the Bible and other Christian resources. It serves over 45,000 servers with a combined audience of over 3.6 million users. I’ve founded a non-profit around the project, Kerygma Digital, that seeks to provide this and similar open-source services.

Side projects

  • canon_law (sourcehut), a web service for referencing Orthodox canon law. It is not yet finished but most that is lacking is the rest of the content.
  • goarch_api (sourcehut), a Python interface for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America’s public-facing (but not publicly documented) Chapel API.
  • thelounge-theme-nord (sourcehut, npm), a theme for The Lounge in the Nord colorscheme
  • thelounge-theme-seraphimrp (sourcehut, npm), the aforementioned but with some personal tweaks

Old/defunct projects

  • typeprint (sourcehut), a program that prints text files char-by-char – made to imitate Fallout 3 terminals and had its 15 minutes of fame by this reddit post of mine
  • blog (sourcehut), an ancestor to this blog
  • OrthoBot (sourcehut), meant to be an Orthodox counterpart to BibleBot but I didn’t have the time to really flesh it out – based on goarch_api
  • irc-osric (sourcehut), an IRC bot developed in Golang to facilitate OSRIC games – fully compliant with OSRIC v1
  • osric-cgi (sourcehut), a minor fork of kirbyUK’s osric-cgi to work with irc-osric

Other things I d{o,id}

  • You can find my dotfiles here.
  • I do many things on Discord beyond BibleBot.
    • I run Hesychia (Discord, Substack), a Discord community for Orthodox Christians that serves around ~600, intended to be a level-headed alternative to many turbulent forums. This has granted me opportunities to collaborate with Rdr. Benjamin Cabe of Theoria (YouTube, Substack, Discord) and Rdr. Bojan Teodosijević of Bible Illustrated (YouTube).
    • Under the Kerygma Digital umbrella, I run the Christian Servers Directory (Discord) which intends to be a simple place to share/advertise Christian communities as long as certain quality expectations are met – with loose collaboration between each other as well.
    • You can often find me being a thorn-in-side on the /r/Catholicism Discord server.
    • I co-founded Christcord, originally “The Christianity Discord Server.”
  • I occasionally produce music (mainly instrumental hip hop), which you can listen to on Apple Music, Spotify, or wherever else you may stream music.
  • I spend time editing OrthodoxWiki (profile) and Orthodox-related articles on Wikipedia (profile).
  • I used to consult at AD30, Inc. for Catena, a Bible application featuring Patristics commentaries and lectionary readings. I incorporated the Greek Orthodox lectionary into the app, daily readings notifications, and daily quotes from saints.
Seraphim R. Pardee The Musings of an Orthodox Christian and Software Engineer