These are my side-projects, with various levels of importance.

My primary side-project is BibleBot (GitHub), a Discord bot for referencing the Bible and other Christian resources. It serves over 35,000 servers with a combined audience of over 1.1 million users. I’ve founded a non-profit around the project, Kerygma Digital, that seeks to provide this and similar open-source services.

My secondary project is canon_law (GitHub), a web service for referencing Orthodox canon law. It is not yet finished but most that is lacking is the rest of the content.

The only tertiary project at the moment is goarch_api (GitHub), a Python interface for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America’s public-facing (but not publicly documented) Chapel API. I will have more similar projects in the future.

I occasionally consult at AD30, Inc. for Catena, a Bible application featuring Patristics commentaries and lectionary readings. I incorporated the Greek Orthodox lectionary into the app along with daily quotes from saints.