A Life Renewed

Given that I lost my two previous blog posts regarding my life since dropping out, this will feel a bit out of sync to read if you’re reading these chronologically. I hope that isn’t much of an inconvenience.

Today, I start (well, at this point “have started”) college classes after my 3+ year long battle with dropping out (of multiple schools) and depression. I made it. I’m finally in college and I’m achieving my dreams in computer science.

Last year around late June—early May, I got my GED. With “College Ready” in all tests besides math, I knew I was on my way. After a struggle with religion and figuring out colleges and majors and where I wanted my life to go, I finally settled down with computer science.

A bunch of thanks are in order:

  1. God and Christ, for giving me the strength and direction that my life had lost for so long.
  2. My mom, for putting up with all my nonsense and encouraging me through it all.
  3. My grandmother, even though I never got the time to establish a connection, you always had faith in me, no matter what. You were like the human embodiment of God in His covenants.
  4. My girlfriend, Amira, for giving me a reason.
  5. My brothers and best friends Chris and Jacob, you guys have been by my side through this since day one, and you’ve seen the highs and the lows. Lord knows where I would’ve ended up without your guys’ support.

And finally:

  1. Financial aid, because paying for school out of pocket is near impossible.